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Project Description

IT Projects

As a computer engineer, I’ve involved in a wide spectrum of IT projects from diverse fields including:

 My motivation behind getting hands-on experience in various IT fields has merely been rooted in building a sound and all-rounder foundation for the sector as well as grasping the principles of technology to aid in architecting end-to-end innovative solutions.

My IT journey has evolved me in such a way that it has opened new doors in my humble inquisitive mind to better understand how education can be sublimely perfectionised both in the eye of the educators and learners. Consequently, this ever-lasting inquisition has greatly sparked my attention to further analyse and evaluate the methods and techniques used in education.

..and now here I’m; devoting myself for the betterment of education via marrying teaching and learning practices with technology. My current focus is purely on the utilisation of artificial intelligence in education with a key emphasis on optimising the use of semiotic resources that are co-deployed across multimodal contexts, particularly aural, visual, and cognitive elements.