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Project Description

Professional Development

I’ve devoted my last ten years to providing learners with premium quality of education experience. My primary target has been international students from more than 90 different countries, at all tertiary levels. You can see me in action (briefly, 0:53) in the video below.

While I was involved in international education, I realised the importance of the three vital needs below in order to ensure that our international education sector is more innovative, future-focused, and learner-centred:

  1. We need to train our educators to train better via utilising groundbreaking teaching principles, tools, and techniques
  2. We need to provide guidance to our international graduates to build their future
  3. We need to motivate both our educators and international students to keep their morale up – which is a significant cornerstone in accomplishing their goals.

These three gap areas were crucial to strengthen our Country’s international reputation for high quality education and training; to contribute to this cause, I’ve been actively delivering the Australian Computer Society’s (ACS) Professional Year (PY) Program since its very early days. ACS’s PY Program gives international ICT/Computing graduates from Australian universities the practical skills and training needed to enhance their career prospects. An additional pathway from university to employment, this program ensures that graduates are job-ready incorporating real workplace experience through internship. During this program, I’ve had the opportunity to coach and mentor hundreds (if not thousands!) of graduates where I successfully assisted them to secure a job in the Australian Workforce.

In addition to the PY Program, I’ve delivered countless corporate professional development training sessions to RTO/CRICOS colleges in the following arenas:

  • designing and developing assessment tools
  • teaching principles, tools, and techniques
  • designing and developing training strategies
  • assessment validation and moderation processes
  • RTO/CRICOS compliance
  • e-learning tools
  • training needs analysis
  • designing and developing learning resources
  • mentoring and coaching.

Please visit the Clients section in my website to see what others think of my professional development skills.