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Project Description

VET Resources

Over ten years of experience as a VET compliance expert, I’ve witnessed numerous organisations struggling to meet ASQA‘s requirements, in particular with their academic resources (Standard 1.8), which resulted in them channelling substantial time and energy for the rectification process. I have co-founded VETFair to bring solution to such issues vis-à-vis compliant assessment tools. At VETFair, I’ve co-engineered and developed exquisite assessment tools for six qualifications (business, marketing & communications, and leadership & management) at AQF 4 and 5 levels, totalling up to 70 unique and cutting-edge products. The numbers are growing as I write these lines with a 100% track record of compliance. Please visit the VETFair website to have a feeling of these premium products. Below is the video promo for this project.

In addition to the VETFair project, I had designed, developed, and contextualised many academic resources at AQF Levels 3, 4, 5, and 6, both individually and in collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs), covering the following training packages:

  • CHC – Community Services
  • FNS – Financial Services
  • HLT – Health
  • SIT – Tourism, Travel and Hospitality.

Some of these resources were developed for initial registration purposes, where some were targeted to monitoring audits, re-registration, rectification, course accreditation, etc. Regardless of the context, I have achieved 0% non-compliance till this date for all of my work.